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Dragon fish feeding food

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Information summary:I believe that everyone understands the true meaning of food for life. In the material society has been highly developed today, the meaning of food is not only to meet the basic needs of people living. At the same time of solving the problem of food and clothing, more people have focused on the reas....Dragon fish feeding food

I believe that everyone understands the true meaning of food for life. In the material society has been highly developed today, the meaning of food is not only to meet the basic needs of people living. At the same time of solving the problem of food and clothing, more people have focused on the reasonable adjustment of diet, meat and vegetable matching nutrition, to meet the needs of people's health. Only a healthy life is the highest quality of life.

For the real red dragon fans, while doing enough water quality and other work, the scientific collocation of food can not be ignored, which is not only for the sake of promoting hair color. Because only healthy dragon fish can be more gorgeous. So what is a healthy diet? According to the requirements of different growth stages of longfish for nutrition, scientific diet can meet the needs of healthy growth of longfish. Excessive nutrition can only lead to obesity. Buries the hidden danger to the health. Therefore, the human way of life is also applicable to the dragon fish. That is "food diversification, a small amount of food, seven or eight points full".

(1) Common food for dragon fish:

(1) Animals: fish and shrimp; loach; earthworm; frog; turtle; lizard; young mouse, etc;

(2) Insects: centipede, cricket, cockroach, barley worm, bread bug, cicada, grasshopper, etc.

(3) Special feed for dragon fish.

(4) Dragon fish vitamin preparation.

In the course of more than two years' feeding, I have done stage feeding experiments for the above food to remove cockroaches, lizards and pups. We have also investigated the nutritional components of the above foods, but we still don't know the nutritional components. It is more practical to share the effects of various foods.

(2) The best food for growth: animals are the best food for growth. This has been proved by practice.

(1) Fish and shrimp: fish and shrimp are the best food based on the principle of easy access. In any growth stage of the dragon fish, fish and shrimp can be used as the main food, which can not only meet the needs of growth, but also basically meet the needs of nutrition. Buy red dragon fish feed hamburger, especially in young dragon period (15cm-30cm), feeding fish and shrimp grow rapidly. The high content of protein and calcium and phosphorus in fish and shrimp is an important nutrient for dragon fish. In addition, shrimp rich in prawn red has a very good auxiliary effect on hair color. If insects are fed too early in this period, it will cause partial feeding and pay the price of slowing down growth.

(2) Earthworm is also a good food for young dragons, but the disadvantage is that it is easy to muddy water. It's best to feed them with tea after drinking, spit out the mud in their stomachs and then feed them.

(3) Loach is a good food, feeding loach grows rapidly, suitable for feeding zhonglong (30cm-45cm). Loach has one of the best effects, that is, it can improve the day after tomorrow's "day after Earth". In the traditional concept, "day after Earth" is often considered to be irreversible, but it has been proved by practice that the day after tomorrow's "day after Earth" can be completely slowed down or completely recovered through reasonable nutrition supply. The best food is loach, fish and shrimp, turtle and frog. However, loach should not be fed because of its vigorous vitality in the young dragon period. Even after Jackie Chan, loach should be sterilized with heavy salt, cut off its vertebrae with scissors and fed again. In addition, the author found that the scales of loach will become darker after long-term continuous feeding.

(4) Frogs, small turtles, lizards and young mice are not suitable for staple food because of their strong seasonality or poor availability.

In different feeding concepts, "fast feeding" and "slow feeding" can be selected according to their own preferences, but if the principle of health is taken, excessive fast feeding will cause excessive nutrition, and excessive pressure feeding will cause malnutrition. "Fat Dragon" and serious postnatal "ground bag" are the bad results of improper breeding.

(3) Are insects the best food for hair color?

The red dragon line is about cm, excluding the influence of various factors, that is, the dragon fish equivalent to about 7-8 months. Of course, due to individual differences, some dragons start to develop color when they are smaller. Some of the Dragon hair is a little later. It should be affirmed that good genetic genes, food diversification and health are the basis of hair color. But some of them do have a more significant effect on hair color, so we should use them reasonably.

(1) Shrimp: the effect of shrimp on hair color cannot be highlighted. But it can be sure that after a period of continuous feeding of shrimp, the redness of red dragon's pigment layer has improved significantly.

(2) Centipede: in the traditional concept, centipede is the best color for red dragon. But after six months of feeding, it is confirmed that centipede has no magical effect. Since feeding for several months, there is no sign of any expansion of the pigment layer area of the red dragon, but there is a red mottled expression in the gills of the dragon fish, but its effect on hair color is much smaller than that in the legend.

(3) Crickets; barley and bread worms. In the previous feeding experience, insects are often considered to be the most favorable food for hair color. It can be sure that the longfish that has been feeding insects since the young dragon seems to have better hair color. But I believe that the relatively slow growth caused by feeding insects is the source of relatively good hair color. Barley and bread worms have little effect on hair color if they don't use food excessively. Of course, if the above-mentioned insects are fed with coloring feed or radish for a period of time, and then fed to dragon fish, the coloring will be obvious, but it should be noted that after a period of time, stop feeding the above food, the fading will be obvious.

(4) Because other insects are not easy to obtain, the feeding time is too short, and the effect is not good